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Purple Pipeweed

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re: Gracious Good Morning

Hello, it's Rosemarinie again...with a couple of questions and maybe a comment or two

We have been able to attend two Bread and Jam sessions and have had a wonderful time!  We enjoy being there and watching other bands, as well as

getting to jump in and play a few tunes ourselves.  It's a great opportunity for a new band to be heard, in a friendly atmosphere, too.   


Crickhollow is actually our original home.  We came here in the great server migration from Elendilmir.  We are getting a chance to look around and find

different sites for Crickhollow and we had a few questions about the Crickhollow Music site on guild launch.  We noticed on the home page there is a listing

of a few bands that schedule regular shows - would it be possible for us to get listed there?  Do you know who handles such requests for that site?  We can

check the schedule in several places and try not to schedule the same time as anyone else.  We're in it for the fun - not for any sort of competition.

 We were thinking once a month in Bree, the Shire and Rivendell.  We are always open to suggestions on scheduling.  Also, we know about Shire Fest, are

there any other major events on Crickhollow  that we can plan for. 


Thanks for all your help

Rosemarinie & the Pipeweed Gang


Rosalie Rumble
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re: Gracious Good Morning

Hullo, Rosemarinie!  I'm the hobbit behind Crickhollow Music, and I just added your concert to the main page and started an individual band page as well.  I'm just using the generic picture from your website right now--do you have any screenshots of the band that I can use in its place?

I also do the LOTRO Players Community Events listing.  You've been added to the calendar and your monthly performance will be one of our featured events in this Friday's edition!  Make sure to get in touch with LOTRO Artists as well if you haven't already so you can also get on their calendar.

Our annual Halloween event is coming up at the end of the month.  I noticed that you have a Halloween playlist and since we're still in the planning stages I think we will be able to find time for you to perform at the event.  Once we finalize a couple more things we will be in touch to see what works for you.

We also have an annual Yule event--last year, it took the form of Winterfest, a round robin concert featuring 11 different bands.  I don't know if Drummor is planning to bring it back, but if that's the case we will definitely let you know!

Rosalie, Lilia, Caladhiel, Criquet, Josephine, Marie, Rosehild, Violeta

Landroval cousins: Rosalei of Breakfast Club and Rosalila of the LMB


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re: Gracious Good Morning

Yes I would like to do the same sort of format :)


All that is gold does not glitter!



Haladain, Tindimacil and Ballinor

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re: Thanks so much

Thanks so very much Ms. Rosalie for all your help.  Almost as soon as I asked we saw the post come thru in the game announcements about posting on the LOTRO Player News Calendar, and we tried it there- so far we got two things scheduled monthly for Crickhollow!!  I do have an image of the band.  We've been working on a few You tube things, and some photo's.  I tried to post it here, but since I was pulling it from my HD it didn't work.  I just tried sending it via Face Book - if you get a request or message from Charlotte - that is me.



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