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re: June news & announcements

A leader returns and a new officer joins the ranks:

Finarphin has decided to step down as our leader due to real world commitments.  He will remain with the kin as an officer.  While we are very sad to lose him, we're overjoyed to announce that Willowing has decided to return to the leadership role!  She is a former leader and successor and looks forward to continuing the great work she did in the past.  Pontin will remain as successor.

We're also thrilled to say that we have promoted Gamutdorok to officer!  It's a well-earned promotion for one of our most valued members.  Make sure to /thank Finarphin, /congratulate Gamutdorok, and /toast Willowing when you get the chance.  May's new members are Akelda, Anriel, Attyblessed, During, Malhael, Reniriell, Seronwulf, and Sinira.  Nergilviel and Labril joined us as recruits.  More congratulations all around.


Shirefest is coming June 16th-18th.  It's our biggest event of the year--as well as Crickhollow's biggest and one of the largest in the game.  We need help from all of our members to make this event a success.  Please sign up on the special roles thread to be a promoter, steaming coordinator, vendor, special effects team member, screenshot artist, or tweeter.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who has volunteered to be an emcee!

More details about our bands and a full schedule may be found on the Crickhollow Music website.  Make sure to support as many of our bands as you can!

Breakfastival Day:

The first Breakfastival Day was a grand success!  Amrumen made an excellent Mayor for a Day and quite a few members got a chance to complete one of the scavenger hunts.  Brigo won the lottery for June Mayor, but had to bow out and because of Shirefest will not be replaced.  Look for an announcement about our July Mayor and activity soon!

Festivals abroad:

Weatherstock IX will take place on Landroval July 22nd.  Several Crickhollow and Shirefest bands will participate in the Weatherstock Concert Series in hopes of joining the competition at the summit.  Interested bands should apply on the Weatherstock website by June 12th.

The Summer Music Fest will be held on Brandywine on June 10th from 2pm-9pm EDT.  Check out the Minstrel Guild of Bree's website for the schedule of performers.  

Non-kin events:

A couple of Shirefest performers will hold concerts here this month.  The Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band will play Summer Rush on June 21st at 9pm EDT.  No Whole Bard will perform their monthly concert on June 25th at 7am EDT.  Come out and listen to our friends!  The Tolkien Professor's weekly Exploring the Lord of the Rings course will return to Crickhollow on June 13th at 9:30pm.  

Find more events on the weekly LOTRO Players post, Crickhollow calendar, and LOTRO Artists schedule.  Also check the LOTRO Beacon every week for events, sales, news, and much more.

On the forums:

Butternut and Jancis are taking over the Roving Threats tours after 3 years of leadership from Daffin and assistance from a longtime friend of the kin, Ve.  Join us for Roving Threats every Sunday at 6pm EDT.

Not only did Willowing become leader, she won the May screenshot contest.  Congratulations are once again in order!  This month's screenshot contest has been posted.  Please submit entries by June 23rd.

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re: June news & announcements

Thank you, Rosalie and Drummor to have suggested me to apply for as an officer, and get me promoted regardless of my language and time zone barrier ;D

I still need  much more time than any of you just to read / write posts here,  I will do as best n fast as i can to play if a bit of a part.:D

And thank again Drummor/Finarphin! welcome back Lady Willowing as kin leader!

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