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re: Second Breakfast Charter and Membership Guidelines

Hallo and Welcome to all. The following is our Kinship charter and guidelines. Any questions can be addressed by an officer.

Second Breakfast Charter
Second Breakfast is currently a Rank 10 Kin. We are committed to fostering a rich environment for all members and the community of Crickhollow at large. We strive to appreciate the rich Tolkien environment we have been given in LOTRO and create a fun and helpful Kin to explore all regions of this vast Middle Earth.

Below are some of the things we foster:

1. Social functions
SB regularly meets for social events, including Elevenses and Bread & Jam. These are generally RP events that allow us to get to know and enjoy one another. Participation is not mandatory, but encouraged for members and recruits.

2. Kin Fellowships
We encourage SB members/recruits to participate in Fellowships for the purpose of questing, skirmishing, crafting, or social events (i.e. bands).

3. Lore-based Roleplay
3.1 We are a light to medium RP kin. That means that we usually address each other in character (IC) but allow out of character (OOC) conversations and interactions as well.
3.2 We do not require that our members be roleplayers.
3.3 We ask that all respect the RP that does happen in our kin.
3.4 We regularly host in-game RP events. Participation is optional, but encouraged.
3.5 The kin-chat is a vehicle for light RP as well as OOC conversation. 

4. Crafting assistance
Second Breakfast is an active crafting kin. We encourage assistance to all members in providing help to level up their vocations. We offer help in the completion of crafting quests, as well as offer guidance and resources, if available.

5. Music
Second Breakfast has a commitment to promoting the enjoyment of music in Middle Earth.
5.1 We have an official band leader who helps foster music and band play in our kin.
5.2 We provide opportunities to perform music to our kin members.
5.3 We provide assistance and guidance to those desiring to learn more about the in-game music system.

6. Raids and Endgame content
6.1 Second Breakfast, as a kin, is not concentrated on end-game content. We strive to enjoy all levels and facets of the game and are not in a race to get to the latest raid.
6.2 Second Breakfast will provide resources and take suggestion from members in how best to integrate raids and other endgame content into our kin; especially through our alliances with other kins.

7. Creative projects
Second Breakfast fosters an environment helping its members to express creative projects. This may be a story, a video, a comic book, a podcast, or a certain RP arc. Post your ideas on the forums and see where it goes from there.


Second Breakfast Member Guidelines

1. Membership
1.1 A player may become a recruit by expressing interest in our kin and applying on our website. All recruits and members must have an approved application on file.

1.2 A recruit may become a member if:
1.2.1 3 weeks has elapsed as a recruit
1.2.2 The recruit has proven to be an active, positive member
1.2.3 After the recruitment period, both the officers and the recruit agree that the player is a good fit for the kin

1.3 The recruitment period may be extended due to inactivity, lack of communication, questions about fit, or at the discretion of leadership.

1.4 A member's alts may be recruited and promoted to membership without satisfying the above requirements, but will not be added until after their first character has become a full member

1.5 Character names must be inoffensive and preferably non-lore breaking. Please, no Ipwnyou or ChuckNorrisLives in the kin.

1.6 To keep our roster active, we will follow these procedures:
1.6.1 All alt characters must have a player note on the roster indicating the other character(s) they have in the kinship.  It is not necessary for members to list all of their kin characters, but we request that the main is indicated.  Officers must not promote an alt until the player note has been updated.
1.6.2 Characters will be demoted to recruit after an inactivity period of 90 days. Alts will be expelled after 120 days.  We previously removed all inactive characters from the roster, but now keep main characters in the kinship indefinitely.
1.6.3 All officer characters will be demoted after 30 days of inactivity without contact, and at the discretion of the leadership with contact. Former officers will then fall into the activity guidelines of the general membership.
1.6.4 Recruits will be removed from the kin after 60 days of inactivity.
1.6.5 Former members are automatically granted full membership status upon their return, regardless of the inactivity length. They are expected to contact any officer for readmission to the kinship, but do not need to submit a new application if they remain a member of the website.
1.6.6 Former officers return as members, but may reapply for officer status immediately upon return. Their promotion status will be at the discretion of leadership and/or the current officers.
1.6.7 Former recruits return as recruits, but they will restart their 3 week probationary period.
1.6.8 Inactive members will retain their website access.

1.7  Readmittance for former members may be subject to a vote by the officers, and returning members will be subject to a probationary period if deemed necessary.

2. Kin chat:
2.1 Kin chat is primarily for game-related chat.
2.2 Light RP related banter is encouraged.
2.3 OOC and gameplay-related conversations are supported.
2.4 Repeated spamming of kin chat is not tolerated.
2.5 Politically charged, inflammatory, or abusive chat can get you booted from the kin.
2.6 The LOTRO Code of Conduct is enforced in chat (kin chat, World chat, chat channels, etc.) and during all forms of game play.

3. Discipline
3.1 On the rare occasion when some sort of discipline action is necessary, the following rules are in effect.

3.2 Officers may make admonishments and advise players on their own accord within the following guidelines:
--Send /tell to member or recruit informing them of violation and encouraging them to maintain membership guidelines
--Placing member or recruit in Fellowship with another officer or senior member to assist in addressing violation if it persists.
--Addressing in Kin chat ONLY if the member/recruit does not respond to previous attempts.
--Repeat and/or flagrant offenders will be submitted to the leader for demotion/expulsion consideration.

3.3 An agreement of 3 or more officers is required for any of the following actions:
3.3.1 Demotion
3.3.2 Expulsion from the kin
3.3.3 Reporting to Standing Stones Games

Complaints Department

This kin came together in our love of the game, the stories of Tolkien, and the stories we can create in the world of Middle Earth. Any group of people thrown together is going to have the occasional gripes, misunderstandings, and disagreements. We do not all think the same, act the same or believe the same things. However, it is vital that you, as members, do not negatively impact on other members enjoyment of the game. That means no arguments in kinchat, disruptive and abusive use of chat etc. If you have a problem with another member, do not take it to kinchat and instead send a tell or mail to any officer.

If you would like to remain anonymous, please use the feedback function on our website to pass your grievance along to the officers. In any case, an officer will discuss it with those involved and moderate a resolution, or pass the information to the leadership for judgement if no resolution is forthcoming. If the problem is with an officer, the member is encouraged to contact another officer, the leader, or the successor as soon as possible so that the situation can be addressed. That officer may chose to discuss the situation in a thread on the officer forums.

Should the issue involve alliance kin members, please allow an officer or leader to approach the allied kin's officer/leader on your behalf.

Use this procedure, it will save a lot of heartache for us all in the long run. Whether it was a problem over loot, a fellowship gone bad, or whatever is causing friction between you and another member, use the Complaints Department.

Members who ignore this procedure and/or continue to use kinchat inappropriately (or are affecting a fellow kin members experience negatively in any other way) will be dealt with under our disciplinary rules.

The foundation of Second Breakfast is to have fun and enjoy the game with each other through respectful interactions.

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re: Second Breakfast Charter and Membership Guidelines

**UPDATED - October 21
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re: Second Breakfast Charter and Membership Guidelines

**UPDATED - July 4th, 2011
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