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Kyrian Starwalker

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re: Archet Aid! - Laurelin

Novemeber 3rd 2012

Forum Image!

Looks like a lot of fun.


A spectacular event on Laurelin. As well as the bands, I note they have formation riding display so Kira might be interested. Note the times shown are 5 hours ahead of servertime.

2012 – Archet Aid

Welcome to Archet Aid 2012 !

We are happy to announce the second ‘Archet Aid’ in history of the middle-earth, and we hope you all will join in on this event that is a solidarity gesture towards those poor farmers of Archet, that got their little town burned down by brigands a few years ago.

We in The Chosen Few have managed to gather some of the best musicians and bands in the middle-earth for a solidarity concert in the town of Archet and we have also this year added a market and a couple of shows before the concert itself! This is going to be grand!


1800pm (2:00 PM Eastern)(UK/BST time) - Opening of the Fair
1840pm (2:40 PM Eastern)(UK/BST time) – A Drill by the Durins Guard
1900pm (3:00 PM Eastern)(UK/BST time) – Horse show by Riders of Riddermark
1945pm (3:45 PM Eastern)(UK/BST time) – Closing of the market
2000pm (4:00 PM Eastern)(UK/BST time) – Solidarity Concert ‘ Archet Aid’
2200pm (6:00 PM Eastern)(UK/BST time) – End of concert, let the fireworks fly!

NB! This table might be altered closer to the event

A Drill by the Durins Guard

The Durins Guard from the Durins Folk have agreed to give us all a taste of what it is like in the guard by performing one of their drills. This is in preparation to defend the borders against the darkness and evil that lurks in the shadows outside our boundaries.

The Durins Guard is also always on the lookout for new recruits to join their ranks, so if the life of the military seems like a good choice for you, please contact one of their officers for a ‘chat’. (obs! Dwarf-only kinship).

A horse show by Riders of Riddermark

To make your horse do your bidding is hard enough, but to make it perform in formation with a lot of other horses is no easy task at all. The Riders of Riddermark are the best there is, and will give a demonstration in form of a show at Archet Aid!


The Songburrow Strollers

The Shades

The Chosen Few

Hobbit Heart

Ramblin’ Rascals

Souls of Void

The Beards

Out of Character info:

Archet Aid is a RP event in the town of Archet. The reason for this is both the background story of the place, but also because it is an area that everyone regardless of level and race are able to travel to quite easily. If you need any help in getting there, please give us a ‘nudge’ and we will help you out any way we can. We got ‘hunter-taxi’s’ on standby for the occasion :-)

Curious of the concept of RP’ing (Roleplaying your character) but got a fright of doing it wrong? No worries. Just think along the lines of what your character would have done and just let things unfold. This is a musical and fun event, not the supreme court of RP Lore’ :-)

The Channels in the area

With an event that might generate a bit of communication on different subjects, we would like to suggest that people use this little guideline as a helping hand:

[General] channel for event information and important messages

[LFF] – recruitment channel for kins and other organisations. Please post your advertisement for attracting new members here.

[Say] considered to be In-Character and please do not spam this channel with repetive emotes and festival ‘spam items’.

[OOC]the usual out of character channel


If anyone wants to borrow cosmetics for this, let me know. I do have some there, not a huge selection, but a few things from events.

Also, if anyone has any particular cosmetics or dye colours they want, please let me know well in advance so I can arrange them. Grymrock has offered to help with this

PM me here or add Kyrianna to your friends list on Laurelin.
Rosalie Rumble
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re: Archet Aid! - Laurelin

Thank you for posting this, Kyrianna! I was actually going to post it on here at some point but hadn't gotten around to it. I know a few members went to see The Shades in concert in Laurelin and were absolutely blown away. And The Songburrow Strollers are now nearly legendary from their Weatherstock performances. I think some of our members will also remember The Chosen Few from Weatherstock.

Hopefully some of us will be able to make the trek out for this event. It looks just wonderful.

Rosalie, Lilia, Caladhiel, Criquet, Josephine, Marie, Rosehild, Violeta

Landroval cousins: Rosalei of Breakfast Club and Rosalila of the LMB

Kyrian Starwalker

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re: Archet Aid! - Laurelin

Might want to double check the times as Europe has already gone back to normal time and we don't until after the event.

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re: Archet Aid! - Laurelin

The times you wrote for UK are correct.
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