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Runes on the rock of rally point

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Runes on the rock of rally point

by GAMUTDOROK on Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:53 am

It reads KAEW according to rune dictionary. What does it mean?
Aaa thank you!! WEAK, is likely to be what they meant..heheh. I found runes on the treasure sack , and it just reads GOLD, not sindarin nor quenya..;D
by GAMUTDOROK on Oct. 6th at 4:23 PM
take the phonetic representation of this word ("kaew") and read it backwards, you get "weak", which is exactly what you are after retreating. Will this help? :D
by Ristion Dagriel on Oct. 6th at 3:54 PM
Well, "caew" can be used to refer to a resting-place, which seems particularly apt given that the stone circle is where you go to rest after retreating from battle. Although it is likely just a coincidence, I have also noticed that if you
by Ristion Dagriel on Oct. 6th at 3:53 PM
The runic 'k' is actually meant to represent a Sindarin 'c', however the elvish 'c' is almost always pronounced as a 'k'. With this in mind, the letters "kaew" would actually appear in Sindarin as "caew". So, what does this mean?
by Ristion Dagriel on Oct. 6th at 3:53 PM