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Lalveth, Lalfarmira, and Blushingapple
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this is a hidden gem in rivendell- tham send
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by GAMUTDOROK on Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:46 am

I happened to make unexpectedly huge snowman and was buried under it...
How in Middle Earth did someone drop a giant a snowman on you... why did they build a giant snowman... who thinks of such a thing... oh, dark days indeed! Anyone have a shovel?
by Iron Rose on Jan. 14th at 9:50 AM
i feel my guardian spirit could be "laughing-stock"
by GAMUTDOROK on Jan. 13th at 10:07 AM
Gamutdorok, you take some of the funniest pictures! Hehehe
by Duidhrastir on Jan. 10th at 4:12 PM