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Alts: Larksong, Hollydell, Linhaewen and more!

Willowing is on her second turn at kin leadership and also plays a role in general administration of the website. She's always ready with a painful pun in chat. Larksong plays music and contributes songs to our band, Breakfast Club, and is the builder and managr of the music site called

Willowing is the head of household for herself and a couple of dozen others living in Crickhollow, including Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Men, a Beorning and a Warg (whom they try not to mention or think about after the Hobbit "incident"). There's a Larksong or Larkfeather on every server, and if you need help, call upon any member of my family!!

Second Breakfast is the best home one could ever hope for in Middle-Earth!

  Alts: Belladonea, Unnari, Legoan, Jorunn

As officer I help members when needed and do instances if some like to.


As for the kin I've always liked the kinship and its members even before I joined I helped with Elvenses when it was a daily event.


As for character, I been a fan of Lord of the Rings, when found LOTRO was clear I'd play a hobbit of course, and made Pontin from Buckland who learned to farm and cook. The name Finnberry (drew inspiration from a book) comes from fins of a fish and berries off a bush.



Administrative Officer





Alts: Lilia, Josephine, Marie, Violeta

I'm in charge of spamming the forums, kicking helpless alts off the roster, making spreadsheets, and reminiscing about ghost bear and the OLD Old Forest. I'm always concocting some new diabolical scheme.

Yep, I'm an old timer.  I've been playing the game for 9 years, but I never felt at home until I found Crickhollow and Second Breakfast.  I've proudly been here since the start and I plan on being here to the end (which will hopefully be in the distant future).

  Alts: Haladain, Drummor

I am involved in organizing events, running some RP for Dwarves, and act as helmsman for the kin with the conning orders coming from the other officers.

Second Breakfast is not just a virtual bunch of names to me - many have become friends and people I honestly care about and enjoy both playing and socializing with. Not just a fellowship or a guild - but a kin which is very much a family and network of support!

Finarphin's Bio/Drummor's Bio/Haladain's Bio


Dallofin (Daffin)

Band Leader




Hospitality Officer

Alts: Foxfern, Celbrethion,
Erriwende, Futhork

I s'pose I'd have t' claim t' be th' "Main" character here, tho Foxfern's been at least as active over th' past months. Celbrethion, Erriwende an Futhork round out th' "old-timers" livin at our house. My contribution t' th' Kinship is pretty much limited t' organizing an maintainin th' Breakfast Club, our Kinship's more or less official band, whilst Foxfern tends t' show up fer informal gigs at th' Pony an th' Bird more often, an runs a Roving Threats raid every Sunday evenin, open t' th' Server.

"Well, we used t' be th' Boulderbrooks, on account o' th' boulders in th' little stream that ran past our hole. But after my great-uncle Ladro took down a incredibly huge (he said) hornet's nest in th' lower toolshed armed with nothin but a pitcher full o' beer, he declared, "There ain't nobody in th' whole Eastfarthin that's as bold as I am", an he changed th' name t' Bolderbrook.
Dunno, guess maybe I got some o' his fearlessness; leastways, I hope so..."

  Alts: Gingerbreadlass, Quini, Qathleen, Qori

Early in September 2010, Qiardo heard from his Uncle Quillo in the land of Brandywine that there were new adventurers coming to the land of Crickhollow. He left his home in Oatbarton and traveled south, where he met Buddy just outside the Bird & Baby. He knew right away that Second Breakfast would be the home for him. Soon, he convinced his sister Quini and their cousin Gingerbreadlass to join him. They have had wondrous times with these wonderful folks and have been reunited with their cousin Qamellia and have made new friends, who have become treasured and beloved in their hearts. Qiardo even met Merrymelody last year and married her. You will often see Quiliel and Qathleen at Bread & Jam Sessions, as well as Qori from time to time.

I don't know if I have a real job in this marvelous kin, because it never seems like work. Hospitality and Roleplaying are just part of the experience here. Qiardo, Quini and Ginger continue to offer their services (as if!) to help new folks get oriented to Arda, as well as giving guided tours of the starting areas to bring folks a few deeds to completion and generally be a friend from the beginning.






Fellowship Officer


Alts: Petrok, Yargwine, Applebrock

As a quartermaster I am often found pottering around our kin warehouses, usually sorting through crafting donations ~ and I'm always willing to help out however I can.

"Hallo there kinfolk. Simply put, since day one I've felt welcome here with Second Breakfast. Safe Travels!"

Everbrock Spudplucker's Bio

  Alts: Emerella, Abornel, Saphrella

What I will do as an officer: Primarily organize kin group instances and raids; run spontaneous instances during the week and help kinnies with instances and raids they are doing.

I also help out with whatever I can.  I've planned crafting faires and assisted with many events over the years.



Events Officer




Questing & Deeding Officer

Alts: Appletart, Villrvif, Whosagoodpuppy (Warg)

Jr. Events Officer, for kin-related, server, or game-wide events. Just starting and still learning, but ready to help in any way I can. 

Luven was nearly lost. A lonely, hard-as-steel, cold-as-ice champion, who's only desire was to kill, swiftly and without emotion or mercy. Until she met hobbits. Now she is full of joy, sunshine, music, and dance (and sometimes Stars of Old cider). She's still a killer at heart, but now does so enthusiastically for her friends and loved ones, and not just personal gain.

Luventhariel Hailstorm's Bio
  Alts: Jaocynthe, Jancis
Happi, Dragonne and others

What I do: Events. Deed runs. TP runs. I help with Sunday RT group. I do yard maintenance at the Second Breakfast kinhouses on Gladden, Landroval, Arkenstone, Brandywine, Evernight, Sirannon, Gwaihir and Belegaer.


I have many happy alts across all servers. Many of them are hunters. Most of them are light/medium armor characters, though recently I have been playing some Captains.



Events & RP Officer



Pumpkinspyce (Beliaveil)

RP Officer

Alts: Fainadan (Gartha Eledhrim),
Saeraborn (QuendeNosse)

I primarily focus on receiving donations from kinnies, either to donate to our warehouses, or sell to earn gold to donate to the kin for upkeep and other costs.  I also try my best to distribute items to Merbry warehouses, and be an upstanding officer by way of a positive attitude and friendly demeanor.

Duidhrastir is a very humble Elf. He is not very old, unlike many other Elves, but he is not without wisdom. He loves being a part of Second Breakfast, and has made many wonderful friends in the process! I love RP! I also love the music system! I am an avid transcriber, and though I now have a band with 4 of my good friends, I think the most special music I have ever made are the duets that I play with Laaleth.

Duidhrastir Calithilon's Bio

  Alts: Beliaveil, Sindora


I am the RP officer. I help people with RP, facilitate RP events, and make sure everyone's RP needs are being met! I run an elvish RP event of Saturday nights, and I run and elvish RP quest group on thursday nights. I made a dwarf for monthly dwarvish RP, and have an Applecyder hobbit for the Appledumplings gang. If you ever have ideas let me know!


I love Second Breakfast! The kin is very helpful and it facilitates as many interests as possible! 



Quartermaster & Overnight Officer




Hospitality Officer

Alts: Solmidorok, Lautendorok, Lindimaitar

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  Alts: Irizeth, Ajarel, Russelia

I am a Hospitality Officer and am also assisting with the warehouse. They say crime doesn't pay, but it pays me. 



RP & Fellowship Officer