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Daffin Can't Come Right Now...

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Daffin Can't Come Right Now...

by Daffin on Mon May 07, 2018 8:21 pm

Very odd... I tried to bring Daffin into Middle-earth, and discovered he was busy weeding the garden...
Fun! lol
by Duidhrastir on May. 9th at 6:58 PM
Make sure he lifts with his knees and not his back.
by Bibliocat on May. 9th at 3:38 PM
Ah, that might be my fault ~ I may have suggested Daffin try the strawberries at Bag End...
by Everbrock on May. 8th at 4:39 AM
Seems very natural for a hobbit... not all hobbits are always ready to get summoned up... :D
by GAMUTDOROK on May. 8th at 4:20 AM
Nice to have a backup career path if that musician thing doesn't work out...
by Davco on May. 7th at 10:02 PM
At least his location is correct: Shire Homesteads. :)
by Luventhariel on May. 7th at 9:24 PM
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