Our Regular Events

Elevenses on Sundays at 11AM and Mondays at 11PM in the Bird & Baby Inn, Michel Delving
The Dulcet Tones Concert every Sunday in Bree Park across from jail at 4:30PM
Tunes and Ales at different locations every Wednesday at 11AM and 10:30PM

Bread and Jam Sessions at the Prancing Pony every Friday night from 9-11PM
Tolo Imladris at the Last Homely House in Rivendell every Saturday at 11PM
 The Roving Threats Tour departs every Sunday at 6PM
Breakfast Club concerts at the Crickhollow Bree-town South Gate Saturdays at 1PM
The band plays at the Landroval South Gate on the first Saturday of the month

All event times noted are Eastern / Servertime. You can find a very easy time converter HERE.