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Valentines in House of Bear & Co.

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Valentines in House of Bear & Co.

by Vraia on Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:16 pm

House of Bear & Co. writing cards in prep for the Valentine Poetry Party :D The Twins aren’t sweet on anyone particularly, but Mum always made them write Valentines for their sister, so they got in the habit. They’ll write a very nice Sindarian sonnet, and set it to music. Vraia never heard of this two-legger holiday. Asked its purpose, sassy Hobbit grinned like the cheekiest cat alive, and said it was all about the Bird & the Bees, without considering that Bear-Bear might take the euphemism literally. So, yes: she's going to end up with a poem about robins, bluejays, & Peabody birds, all living in a tree full of honeycombs & lots of flowers, tended by fat fuzzy bees. Then everyone gets cake. ^^;; Anarlossë is waaaaay too bashful to do something as brazen as write poetry ... right? She’s probably just being social, and writing up her latest report for her officers …….. right? Applecider is, of course, that one kid from class who not only has a Valentine for everyone’s shoebox, but she makes them all herself from Crayola crayons and construction paper, and sticks Hershey’s kisses wrapped in pink foil on ALL of them ... With glitter glue.
Beautiful drawing!
by Q Family on Feb. 21st at 9:38 AM
by Vraia on Feb. 15th at 9:18 AM
You're having fun with this. That makes me happy. :) I'm having fun reading this. That makes me happy. :) Win-Win!
by Luventhariel on Feb. 15th at 1:23 AM
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