Second Breakfast Officers




Alts: Belladonea, Unnari, Jorunn


I like to Help members when needed and do/help with events, and much more.

I like the kinship and all its members, for years we been doing fun stuff together with events and weekly stuff, as well helping each other out when needed, I like that many are knowledgeable about the game and can give some advice to help new players, I myself know a lot, and that we share our adventures in game here on the kin site, and hope that continues on.

I been playing Lotro for almost 8+ years now, my first character ever was Pontin Hobbit burglar after reading The Hobbit book, that was my first choice. Ever since then i always liked the Community here on Crickhollow and Lotro in general, I do help the Community in game, on the official lotro forums, Discord, and few other places game related, I have met many good friends here. Also I am very much into the RP (role playing) part of the game, which i find fun to make stories in Middle-Earth. And making songs with the Music system here.




 Alts: Eorwerth, Evenbright, Gruffyd


I try to get directly in touch with new members, to be an active and friendly voice in kin-chat, to interact with non-kin players in a helpful and positive way (PR).  Recently I've become very interested in our kin storage and have created a new character just for farming materials when we're low on stock, to help out.  This is a big reason you might not have seen me recently- I've been playing him!

I love that SB has been around for so long that we have a very clear picture of who we are as a kin- yet we're also known for being friendly and welcoming.  About me personally?  I'm a hobbit, through and through- so much that out in the "real world" people who know nothing of my interest in Lotr/Lotro call me a hobbit with no prompting.  It always makes me laugh, and I'm flattered.

Gryffs is a country fellow from Little Delving.  He has little education and a great deal of trouble reading and writing (which you may know if you've ever gotten an in-character letter from him).  He can't get names right and often fills them in with something he understands better (e.g. Lothlorien = Lord-n-ladyland, Minas Morgul = Mean-arse Morgul).  He won't eat pork, and has a pet pig named Nort-Nort, who's usually trotting behind.

A possibly interesting ooc bit - Gryffs is based on a combination of Sam Gamgee, myself, and my dear late grandfather who occasionally did the Gryffs thing of filling in names he couldn't pronounce with something he could manage.



Events Officer

Alts: Appletart, Villrvif, Tettra, Appleheart


I help SB plan, prepare, and produce many of our server-wide music events.  I have been involved in some ways with pretty much every event we've hosted in the last few years, from Shirefest to Winterfest to Haunted Hill to Under a Fool Moon to weekly Bread & Jams.  Above and beyond just our events, I consider it my pleasure to help everyone I can, with my number one goal being "Having Fun" no matter who you are, how you play this game, or what you like doing.

Luven was nearly lost. A lonely, hard-as-steel, cold-as-ice champion, who's only desire was to kill, swiftly and without emotion or mercy. Until she met hobbits. Now she is full of joy, sunshine, music, and dance (and sometimes Stars of Old cider). She's still a killer at heart, but now does so enthusiastically for her friends and loved ones, and not just personal gain.

Luventhariel Hailstorm's Bio



Administrative Officer

Alts: Larksong, Hollydell, Linhaewen




Willowing just completed her second turn at kin leadership and also plays a role in general administration of the website. She's always ready with a painful pun in chat. Larksong plays music and contributes songs to our band, Breakfast Club, and is the builder and manager of the music site called

Willowing is the head of household for herself and a couple of dozen others living in Crickhollow, including Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Men, a Beorning and a Warg (whom they try not to mention or think about after the Hobbit "incident"). There's a Larksong or Larkfeather on every server, and if you need help, call upon any member of my family!!

Second Breakfast is the best home one could ever hope for in Middle-Earth!


RP & Fellowship Officer

Alts: Oiolossiel (both servers), Sommerled, Frambi, Eyi




I make folks feel welcome, help members in whatever way I can, and help with events

What I love about SB: the people, the friendships made over the years, the relaxed, family friendly atmosphere.

I've been playing LoTRO for almost 11 years now. I started on the Vilya server, with an elven huntress named Koehin. I had to leave LoTRO a few months after I started playing due to financial reasons. When I got back, the kinship I was in had broken up, so I left Vilya for Riddermark. When that server started going downhill, I came looking for a new home, and chanced upon Miss Foxfern and Lady Larksong at late elevenses. I was hooked. I had found my new home.


Questing & Deeding Officer

 Alts: Jaocynthe, Jancis, Happi, Dragonne


What I do: Events. Deed runs. TP runs. I help with Sunday RT group. I do yard maintenance at the Second Breakfast kinhouses on Gladden, Landroval, Arkenstone, Brandywine, Evernight, Sirannon, Gwaihir and Belegaer.

I have many happy alts across all servers. Many of them are hunters. Most of them are light/medium armor characters, though recently I have been playing some Captains.


Quartermaster & Overnight Officer

  Alts: Solmidorok, Lautendorok, Lindimaitar


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Events Officer

alts: Kittiette, Kittiebear, Kittieapple


I am here to help in any way!  But my main job is to run group content and help with events.  Please let me know if there is any content you want to run and I can help you out!

I love being a part of a wonderful group of people who enjoy all things Tolkien, and gaming together!

I have been playing LOTRO on and off for 10 years, originating on Riddermark I came to Crickhollow after the server closures.  I am a life long lover of all things Tolkien thanks to my mum sparking my interest by reading me the Hobbit as a young child. 



Fellowship Officer

alts: Findelos, Sealwen, Tinuwen, Tythis


I'm available to help any way I can. I have Honoured Guilded crafters in all crafts. I like getting together in groups and helping in instances and in landscape.

I really like seeing the kin doing group activities so folks can learn them and their place in more complex situations.

I have been playing LOTRO on and off for since 2011. As an engineer, I have a quirky sense of humor - sorry. I have many characters of all classes and races.  


Events Officers

alts: Applecider, Elladahn, Ellrohier, Anarlossë


I’d like to make newcomers feel welcome like SB made me feel when I started playing LOTRO in 2019. I love events & group shenanigans – let me know how I can help plan!

I love that SB’s interests are so varied; we’re a lovely tapestry of people! Some like the music, some are into the raiding, fest’ing, cosmetic’ing, some RP’ing. – About my chars? I tend to play at least semi “In-character,” and every alt has a quirk unique I ascribe to them, to make them more mechanically interesting to game with. -- About me? I’m a lifelong gamer & fantasy nerd, though new to LOTRO since 2019.

Anarlossë is my hard(-er)-core RP alt, and subject of a writing/drawing project I maintain at 



alts: Ayewing, Applecobbler, Barenwut


 I organize the kin warehouses and make sure all of our awesome items are ready to be used by the kinnies.

I really like that we have such great members with varying gameplay interests in our kin; you can always find kinmates that enjoy the things you do.

I have not yet found any good, in-game shoes to wear with my outfits. My hobbit friends tell me I don't need to worry too much about that.



Alts: Mirabelle, Applejewel


If officers had a night shift, I’m on it! I’m here to help whenever I’m online, but if you play in the Oceanic/Asian timezone, I’m (usually) your guy. I’m a bit of a jack of all trades so far, so you can find me anywhere, from kin raids to warehouse maintenance to event planning.

Additional sentence about you, your character, or what you love about SB: SB has a myriad of different people, but we’re all united under the same few things: joy, kindness, and good food. We have each other’s backs and help each other out, and the fact that this extends to the community outside of our kin is what makes it so special to me.  











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