Well, what is Second Breakfast, anyway?
Second Breakfast is a casual, role-play friendly kin made up of active members committed to an environment of respect among all players. We were formed on the day the server opened and over the years have strived to maintain a welcoming, helpful environment for our members and all players on the Crickhollow and Anor servers. We promote a Hobbit outlook of sharing food, drink & music, and wish for this attitude to be reflected at all times whether our members are wielding a walking stick or a sword. Our kinship is always looking for like-minded individuals with an interest in all aspects of the game. All classes, races, and levels are most welcome.

If you'd like to know more about our policies, please take a look at the kin charter and membership guidelines.  Our history, frequently asked questions, and officer list may be found in the about us section.  We also welcome you to ask any questions you may have about us by posting in our guest posts forum.  A member will respond to your questions within the day.  You can also find us in-game by typing "/who second breakfast" (minus the quotation marks) and sending a tell to any member who pops up.  It may take a few minutes for the member to respond, but your best bet is to ask to speak with one of our officers.

If you are interested in joining Second Breakfast please fill out an application.  It sometimes takes us a day or two before we make a decision, but we'll be in touch soon.

We've had one, yes. But what about second breakfast?
11:00 pm GMT -4

B'Day - Slipsee Diggle
B'Day - zanntis
B'Day - *FireStorm*
B'Day - Peppery LOTRO
9:00 pm GMT -4
Bread & Jam sessions
11:00 am GMT -4
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