Hall of Fame

Second Breakfast Hall of Fame

We've been very fortune to have many wonderful members, but six retired officers in particular left a lasting legacy that shaped what our kin would be for years to come.

Harpercrickit & Dazzl


Sadie Huckleberry

Landy Godmothers

Lonely Mountain Band Legends


Kin Mother

Leader 2010-2011 

Harperella and Tinki were the leader and successor of the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval back in 2010 when LOTRO went free to play. They came up with the idea to foster a new RP-friendly community on Crickhollow with a temporary kinship. After a couple of weeks, they went back home, but SB remained thanks to what our Landy godmothers built.   Sadie saw the potential in the temporary kin started by people who were headed back to their own servers. She decided to make her new home here on Crickhollow and took over permanent leadership of the now permanent kinship. She led the kin for its first year and truly put her heart into it--so much of what the kin is today is because of what Sadie gave us. She'll always be our kin mother.

Buddy Holly



Hazvar/Frawd Fiddlestix


Leader 2011-2012, 2012-2013

Successor 2010-2011, 2012


Crafting Officer

Warehouse Godfather

Buddy Holly was one of the first members of the kinship and decided after a short time that it was worth permanently moving from Firefoot to this new server. He made an impassioned plea to keep growing the kinship as the new successor. A year later he would take over as leader and would lead the band for its first Weatherstock. He is our keeper of the flame, and though real life has kept him away we know he will forever look out for the kinship.

  Hazvar (and Frawd) Fiddlestix joined the kin in its first month.  Leadership convinced him to join the officer ranks, and soon he hatched the idea for a crafting warehouse. What was once a single kinhouse eventually expanded to an entire neighbourhood. The kin still maintains the warehouse neighbourhood he worked so hard to put together. His work on the crafting faire and endless farming hours are legendary.

Rosalie Rumble




Leader 2012, 2013-2015, 2017


Officer of many types 2010-2019

Rosalie was a founding member and soon became an officer. She served as leader or successor multiple times as real life allowed. She came up with dozens of events for the kinship and the server that attracted hundreds of participants over the years.   She leaves the legacy of Shirefest, myriad websites and social media tools, the Shire warehouse system, various projects for the LOTRO community, the Wanderers alliance, and much more. Cancer took her away from us but she remains the heart of Second Breakfast. 


Rosalie's Farewell Party:


A tribute to our kin co-founder, the legendary Tinki of the LMB,
who is gone in this world but forever part of LOTRO history:

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